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Who uses Bilko?

Bilko is used around the world. The combination of software and 'off-the-shelf' lessons, makes Bilko a valuable resource for organisers of workshops and training courses in coastal and marine remote sensing.

During the first 15 years from its launch in 1987, the Bilko project distributed software and lessons to almost 2000 users in over 70 countries. Many users also produced lessons tailored to their own needs.

In 2004 the Bilko software and lessons were substantially upgraded and revised. Since then over 7000 users from more than 1500 organisations in 174 different countries have registered to download training materials.

Workshop participants
  WIOMSA/CRTR workshop
  Workshop participants
Ocean Colour Africa, 2007
  Computer practical
Ocean Colour Africa, 2009.

user plot by profession
The growth in Bilko users since the launch of Bilko 3.2 in 2004 (A). The majority of regstered users come from academic institutions (B). However, the number of users from other backgrounds is growing.

user plot by region
About half of Bilko users come from Europe. In Africa, where many users have difficulties downloading from the Internet, distribution is often via training courses and personal contacts, and many users do not register.

Computer practical   Workshop participants Students Students Classification map   testing a Bilko lesson
  ESA summer school, 2010   WIOMSA altimetry workshop   Russian students ground-truthing a coastal erosion study.   UK students testing a new Bilko lesson.  
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