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Downloading the Software

The latest install version of Bilko 3.4 from September 2015 is now available.Support for running Bilko in batch-processing mode has been further improved .

Download the new install version by entering your registered e-mail address below. If you are new to Bilko, please register first, using the link on the top menu bar.



Software description

Platform and operating system

Bilko v.3.4 is designed to run on PCs running Windows 7 - 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. If you need a version that runs on an earlier operating system, please get in touch.

Bilko also runs successfully on Apple Macs with Parallels or VMware Fusion installed. We believe you can also use it on Linux with WINE, but would like to hear from anyone who has tried this.

Software features

The latest version fixes known issues with previous versions, and includes improvements to many of the software features.

Bilko software now features:

  • Supervised and unsupervised classification
    • Parallelepiped, Centroid and Maximum likelihood
    • Support for accuracy assessment, dendrograms and legends
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Context sensitive help program
  • Support for common image formats used in remote sensing
  • Support for reading compressed image formats
    • bzip2, gzip and zip
    • currently limited to compressed NetCDF and ESA N1 data
  • Handling of 3D and multiband data (up to 128 bands/images)
  • Support for 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit and floating point data
  • Support for NaNs and customer defined Null values
  • Image manipulation and display tools:
    • Contrast stretching
    • Application and design of colour palettes
    • Display and creation of colour composites
    • Zoom, Mirror, Flip and 180° rotation
    • Colour bar, scroll-bars and status-bar displaying pixel information
    • Full-Screen mode
    • Customised display of 16-bit, 32-bit and floating-point data
    • Extract tool for sub-sampling in the X, Y and Z dimensions
  • Image editing and analysis tools:
    • Animations
    • Easy selection of specified points, lines and sub-areas
    • Data-coring (spectral or time series)
    • Transects, histograms, scatter-plots, Hovmöller diagrams
  • Data processing tools:
    • Predefined and custom designed filters
    • Application of flags, masks, and coastlines
    • Image calculations using formulae with sets of images
    • Image rectification, resampling, and co-registration
    • Geocorrection using Ground Control Points or tie-point tables
    • Automatic geocorrection of Envisat and Earth Explorer data
      • MERIS, ASAR, AATSR, ERS and RA-2
      • SMOS and CryoSat
    • Processing using 'drag and drop' or via the clipboard
  • Export to ASCII (text/spreadsheets) via the Windows clipboard

Batch processing of image data

The latest version of Bilko also offers limited support for batch-processing of image data from the Windows Command line. This is based on Bilko sets (lists of files and parameters to be extracted from these) and formula documents (mini-programs) containing processing instructions. The batch processing capability is currently being tested by selected Bilko users.


Bilko screenshot
From the Envisat lesson on ocean eddies

Bilko screenshot
Principal Component Analysis in a Bilko mini-lesson

Bilko screenshot
Screenshot from an EAMNet lesson on subpixel cloud.

Bilko screenshot
The Bilko classification lesson

Bilko screenshot
Screenshot from the El Niñno lesson

Bilko screenshot
Screenshot from the Amazon lesson

Bilko screenshot
Polar projection MERIS in the LearnEO! tutorial

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